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Our Philosophy

RESNN’s investment philosophy is quite simple…

“Long-term success in the stock market is not determined by how much you make in the good markets, but rather … how much you’re able to preserve in the bad ones.”

Our Method:

Tactical asset management

We actively manage accounts on a day-to-day basis to create opportunities for return by investing in areas of market strength. While that does not necessarily mean there will be transactions on a daily basis, it does allow for the possibility depending on changing market conditions. By making quantitative decisions each day, we can measure the market’s strength and take advantage of shorter-term market momentum.

Proprietary investment models

Our investment models are run daily to evaluate current short-term market trends. Because our models are quantitative, objective and mathematical, we remove the emotional human factor from the investing equation to help ensure lower volatility and more consistent returns.

Proactive risk management

We seek to manage risk through tactical asset allocation, reducing exposure to weak industry sectors and index funds, and moving to 100% cash in cases of extreme market volatility. Since 2008, our “The One” strategy has been out of the market, safely sitting in cash over 52% of the time.