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RESNN Investments
Safer Investing

Peace of Mind Investing
A diversified approach to investing
designed to lower taxes and reduce volatility

Fiduciary Financial Advisor
Registered Investment Advisor

Highlands Ranch, Denver, Colorado

How Are We Different

TRUE Diversification

Alternative investing for safety, income and tax savings including Real Estate, Hedge Funds and Limited Partnerships.

Performance-Only Compensation

We’re only paid when your account grows.  If your investments lose value, we earn nothing.
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Tax Planning

Specializing in financial planning for high net worth and high income W-2 earners, our focus is on reducing your taxable income

We're in this together.

Our money is invested right alongside yours.  We’re a client too!

Direct Access

We have a hard limit as to how many clients we can help because we want to offer the best, most comprehensive service possible.  This means, we are available for you when you want to talk.


As a Registered Investment Advisor and a Fiduciary, we are personally liable if we give you bad advice.

Our Responsibility

We have a legal fiduciary responsibility to our client.

Discover what it means and how it affects how we handle your investments.

Our Philosophy

Unlike most Financial and Investment Advisors, our philosophy is truly unique.

See how we proactively monitor your investments and protect them.

Keep Updated

Discover how to invest your savings with our DIY Investing section at RESNN Investment, updated Market Analysis, Real Estate Investing Education and Technical Analysis in our Blog and Videos.


Our Process



Formula Driven

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